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I can start with a photo, even a poor quality photo, and make it into a work of art.

The client wanted to be portrayed as a Gandalf style character and was very pleased with the result!

Finished art work

Original photo

Andy Gandalf.JPG

His parents took this lovely photo but missed his feet and the plate is a bit big ...

Boy portrait original.jpg

So I extended the picture and gave him feet, replaced the plate and made some overall improvements to create a more balanced picture.

boy low 12mb.jpg

His parents were so pleased they had the picture framed to go on their wall and they very kindly gave me permission to show you what I can do to change a snapshot to a gallery quality picture!


This started as a mobile phone snapshot, one of many I used to creat  a book to celebrate a Grandmother's time with her Grandson.

Together before work.jpg
Together finished 8.5mb.jpg

Sometimes I find quite small illustrations in mediaeval manuscripts that I work up into large pictures some of which are for sale as greetings cards on Etsy.

mediaeval rock.jpg
images-5 copy.jpg
Just rockin' low.jpg
Sun and Moon low copy.jpg
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