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I love working in pencil with ink to add drama and clarity

Goblin market.jpg

Short & Simple Title

I call this 'Goblin Market', it's loosely based on the poem by Christina Rossetti

Fleabag pawtrait.jpg

Illustrations from my 'Fleabag' childrens' books

this is Fleabag, the 'hero'.

Captain Marcus.jpg
Stormy seas.jpg

Sailing away to rescue Gemma

Crow lord.jpg

Domnall, the Crow Lord

Gemma sleep walks.jpg

Other drawings

The best monsters have at least five eyes! 

Gemma walking into danger!

What it feels like to have anorexia nervosa

Andy playing Gandalf.jpg
Eating disorder.jpg

A friend playing at being Gandalf

Portrait of an Afghan girl

girl with scarf.jpg
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